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China's international space cooperation in the past 60 years will be even more promising

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Sixty years ago on April 12, Gagarin successfully launched into space, ushering in human spaceflight.This year marks the 60th anniversary of Gagarin's successful entry into space and the 65th anniversary of the founding of China's space industry.For more than half a century, China and Russia have been committed to cooperation in the fields of space science, space technology and space application. The two countries have forged a deep friendship and set a good example of cooperation in their quest to explore the vast universe.

Both China and Russia are major aerospace countries, and space cooperation between the two countries has made outstanding contributions to promoting scientific and technological innovation and research and development, promoting the development of the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era, and promoting economic and social development."Zhang said the International Lunar Research Station is open to all interested countries and international partners.The China National Space Administration (CNSA) and Roscosmos will uphold the principle of "extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits" and promote extensive cooperation between the international lunar research stations.We welcome more international partners to participate in scientific research exchanges and promote the peaceful exploration and use of space by mankind.

"This year, China's first Mars exploration mission, Tien Wen 1, has completed an orbiting exploration of Mars and will be selected for a Mars landing.Manned space missions will also be carried out intensively.


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