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  • China's international space cooperation in the past 60 years will be even more promising

    Sixty years ago on April 12, Gagarin successfully launched into space, ushering in human spaceflight.This year marks the 60th anniversary of Gagarin's successful entry into space and the 65th anniversary of the founding of China's space industry.For more than half a century, China and Russia have be

  • Three signal transmission methods of MWD inclinometer while drilling

    While drilling inclinometer is generally used in oil drilling, coal exploration, Marine oil drilling oil field, such as the current most of the inclinometer is wired inclinometer with drilling, and on the basis of the development of a new type of MWDS wireless inclinometer with drilling, it has to d

  • How to improve the sensitivity of MEMS gyroscope?

    According to the Chinese Journal of Science and Technology, MEMS gyroscope is an important inertial sensor for measuring the angular velocity of rotating structures, which has a wide range of applications in guidance, positioning and motion control.In order to improve the sensitivity of the gyroscop

  • The core of UAV technology -- MEMS sensor

    The Atitude Reference System (AHRS) is the heart of the UAV. It consists of an inertial sensor, a magnetometer and a processing unit.The AHRS predicts the direction of travel of the device, such as roll, pitch, and yaw angles.The market for drones is booming, with new applications appearing seemingl

  • What is the principle of inertial acceleration sensor?

    At present, there is a large market demand for physical measurement of moving objects.Inertial acceleration sensor can be used to detect and detect the vibration, selection, acceleration of the object, it can efficiently solve the important components of navigation and carrier control, it makes full

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