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Inertial Navigation System

  • MEMS Integrated Navigation System
    ER-MINS-5651(0.1°) Features:
    ◆ Equipped with MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer and mapping multi-mode multi-frequency GNSS receiver;
    ◆ It can achieve a single antenna dynamic alignment or dual antenna-assisted fast high-precision orientation;
    ◆The directional accuracy can reach up to 0.1 deg.
  • High Precision FOG INS
    ◆Heading accuracy (1σ): ≤0.01°
    ◆Attitude accuracy (1σ): ≤0.01°
    ◆Positional accuracy (1σ):1.0nm/2h
  • MEMS Integrated INS
    ER-MINS-5680(0.5°) Features
    ◆0.1° (dynamic alignment)
    ◆0.5° (low dynamic dual antenna assistance,2mbaseline)
    ◆Support fast and high precision orientation up to 0.1 °.
  • Economical FOG Inertial Navigation System
    ER-FINS-7660(0.05 º) Features
    ◆ Build in high-precision closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope and high precision quartz accelerometer
    ◆North seeking: High precision since the north found: 0.1 °independent north precision
    ◆Compass function: Both Drift Free compass function
  • MEMS Integrated Navigation System
    ER-MINS-210/230(0.3~1.0°) Features
    ◆MEMS Inertial Navigation System
    ◆Provide horizontal attitude, Heading attitude, longitude, latitude, altitude
    ◆Used in unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle navigation, aviation and platform stability control and other fields
  • High Performance FOG INS
    ◆Azimuth accuracy ≤ 0.1° secψ(1σ);
    ◆Attitude accuracy ≤ 0.02°(1σ);
    ◆Azimuth holding accuracy ≤0.05°sec lat(1σ)
  • Low Cost FOG INS
    ◆Heading accuracy (1σ): ≤0.3°
    ◆Attitude accuracy (1σ): ≤0.03°
    ◆High Performance & Low Cost


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