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Satellite Signal Simulator

  • Signal Analog Device
    ◆Satellite constellation hybrid simulation
    ◆Epipolar relation, Relativistic effect, The earth ground parameters
    ◆Achieve the hybrid simulation, such as GPS, GLONASS, BD1 satellite constellation channel
  • Satellite Navigation Jamming Signal Simulator
    ER-S-4000 Features
    ◆Real-time controllable power and modulation
    ◆Avariety of controllable interference signal types
    ◆Modular design to easily expand the number of interferers
  • Navigation Communication Simulator
    ER-S-4100 Features
    ◆Flexible, easy-to-use control software
    ◆Outstanding short message communication capabilities, with positioning and timing functions
    ◆Ransmit and receive of inbound and outbound signals capable of simulating the BeiDou system
  • Multi-System Satellite Navigation Signal Simulator
    ER-S-8000 Features
    ◆The basic support receiver antenna modeling;
    ◆The basic simulation vector rotation;
    ◆Inertial aided information output high dynamic scene receiver is required;


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