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What is the role of the acceleration sensor in the UAV?

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UAV is an emerging field of science and technology in recent years. For UAV, an auxiliary component is extremely important, that is the acceleration sensor.It can sense the state of the UAV in flight, so as to better control the speed of the UAV. So what is the role of the acceleration sensor in the UAV?Next, I'll give you a detailed introduction!


What is the role of the acceleration sensor in the UAV?Let's take three common accelerometers used in unmanned aerial vehicles as examples to see what these three different accelerometers do?

  1. Gyroscope

    The gyroscope sensor can detect the angular velocity of the three axes, so it can detect the rate of change of direction during pitch, roll, and yaw.Even in ordinary aircraft, gyroscopes are very important sensors.The change in direction information can be used to keep the drone stable and avoid wobbling.The information guaranteed by the gyroscope is transferred to the motor control driver, which dynamically controls the motor speed and ensures the motor stability.The gyroscope also ensures that the drone rotates in the direction set by the user's control device

  2. Barometer 

  The basic principle of operation of a barometer is to use atmospheric pressure to calculate altitude.Pressure sensors can detect the pressure of the earth's atmosphere.The data provided by the barometer helps the drone navigate to the desired altitude.Accurate estimation of ascent and descent speeds is very important for UAV flight control.


Accelerometers are used to ensure linear acceleration in both horizontal and vertical directions.The associated data can be used to calculate speed, direction, and even the rate of change in the drone's altitude.Accelerometers can also be used to detect the vibrations the drone is subjected to.The accelerometer is also an important sensor for any drone, as it is needed to ensure key inputs even when the drone is at rest.

UAVs are vulnerable to interference from extreme conditions, including vibration, noise and the environment.The sensors used in the drones should be highly shockproof, pick up as little noise as possible, and be fast enough to absorb all vibrations.Environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity should not interfere with performance.Then it has to consume very little power, to ensure better battery life.About the role of UAV speed sensor, introduced here, see here, I believe you can also have a more comprehensive understanding of the acceleration sensor!Acceleration sensor is the key to provide accurate flight and flexible control for UAV.At present, a large number of UAV market demand is also driving the acceleration sensor technology innovation, perfect development.


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