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Ericco is a registered trademark in China and also is a group company with several branches and offices in China abroad and main customers all come from industry of aviation, aerospace, weapon, ship, nuclear, electronics, petroleum, academy of sciences, universities and so on. After 14 years of sustainable development, Ericco has successfully established a strong sales network, technical support team, after-sales service system, served clients more than 50 countries with hi-tech products, high quality services, comprehensive solutions.          
Now Ericco has become a famous brand and obtained reputation and the approval from our clients.


Our products are widely used in Aerospace, Maritime, Land Vehicle, Oil and Gas, Mining and UAV


The following products are purchased in bulk by our customers.


We have provided customers from more than 50 countries around the world with our high-tech products, just because of the ......
The goods will be replaced free of charge within one year due to any quality problems
Products of the same quality are guaranteed at the lowest price
The earliest delivery time is 12 hours after receiving the payment
We promise to respond within 10 minutes and resolve within 12 hours 


Here you can learn more knowledge and news about inertial industry
  • MWD.jpg

    Three signal transmission methods of MWD inclinometer while drilling

    While drilling inclinometer is generally used in oil drilling, coal exploration, Marine oil drilling oil field, such as the current most of the inclinometer is wired inclinometer with drilling, and on the basis of the development of a new type of MWDS wireless inclinometer with drilling, it has to d
  • MEMS gyroscope.jpg

    How to improve the sensitivity of MEMS gyroscope?

    According to the Chinese Journal of Science and Technology, MEMS gyroscope is an important inertial sensor for measuring the angular velocity of rotating structures, which has a wide range of applications in guidance, positioning and motion control.In order to improve the sensitivity of the gyroscop
  • MMES UAV.jpg

    The core of UAV technology -- MEMS sensor

    The Atitude Reference System (AHRS) is the heart of the UAV. It consists of an inertial sensor, a magnetometer and a processing unit.The AHRS predicts the direction of travel of the device, such as roll, pitch, and yaw angles.The market for drones is booming, with new applications appearing seemingl
  • Current Type Triaxial Accelerometer.jpg

    What is the principle of inertial acceleration sensor?

    At present, there is a large market demand for physical measurement of moving objects.Inertial acceleration sensor can be used to detect and detect the vibration, selection, acceleration of the object, it can efficiently solve the important components of navigation and carrier control, it makes full
  • chian aerospace.jpg

    China's international space cooperation in the past 60 years will be even more promising

    Sixty years ago on April 12, Gagarin successfully launched into space, ushering in human spaceflight.This year marks the 60th anniversary of Gagarin's successful entry into space and the 65th anniversary of the founding of China's space industry.For more than half a century, China and Russia have be
  • Inertial.jpg

    How is Tianwen-1 doing recently ?

    How's Day Tianwen 1 doing?Doing?According to the China National Space Administration and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the Tien-Wen 1 spacecraft has been in berthed orbit for more than a month.The docking orbit has a period of two Martian days (49.2 hours).With only a small am
  • yutu 2.png

    The rocks photographed by Yutu-2 came from the Finson crater

    The Chang 'e-4 lander and the Yutu-2 lunar rover ended their work for the 28th month at 2:00 am on March 21 and 17:09 am on March 20, respectively, and went into hibernation on the lunar night.So far, the Chang 'e-4 lander and the Yutu-2 lunar rover have lived on the surface of the moon for 808 Earth days. The lunar rover traveled about 30 meters this month, with a total mileage of 682.77 meters.
  • March-7 carrier rocket.jpg

    Long March 7 to Yao 2 carrier rocket successfully launched!

    China successfully launched a Long March-7 carrier rocket at 1:51 am Beijing Time from the Wenchang Space Launch Site on March 12. The carrier rocket, which is a modified Long March-7 carrier rocket, is designed to launch geosynchronous satellites with a carrying capacity of no less than seven tons. The Jianjin-9 satellite will be used for in-orbit verification tests of new technologies such as space environment monitoring.The mission is the 362nd flight of the Long March family of carrier rockets.


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